The Team
Avent Cloud was founded on the collective experiences navigating the ever-expanding, dynamic, and challenging architecture supporting cloud infrastructures with scale and speed.

We have a deep devotion to working with our clients to develop and implement cloud strategies for success. Our specializations include solutions to monetize client business strategy and assets leveraging our complete cloud infrastructure and in-house expertise for significant impact, by working with our partners with the domain expertise and platforms offering cost effective solutions reducing cost and/or improving profitability.

Managed Services 100%
Cloud Infrastructure Design & Deployment 100%
Cloud Network Design & Deployment 100%
Security 100%
Why Choose Us?
Managed Services
At Avent Cloud, we partner with our clients, at all stages of cloud adoption, to engineer resilient, high performance cloud infrastructure and deliver improved service quality, while managing risk and ensuring compliance at competitive costs. Our managed services may be tailored to your system configurations, from top down to meet your individual application service level requirements.

To ensure seamless support and that your technical questions are properly addressed and solutions are rapidly implemented, your Avent Cloud service delivery manager and engineers work side by side to look after your virtual private or private cloud.

We manage our technical and operational relationships with our clients differently, because we see ourselves as as an extension of the client team.

Avent Cloud’s standard policy towards security measures, includes a ‘whitelist’ approach. Infrastructure and other resources deployed, are locked down completely, denying all traffic and access. Whitelist entrys are then utilized to allow certain access and traffic as needed for business operations. In addition, active monitoring via a host based intrusion detection system, is available to our customers.

This system allows automated monitoring and notification of security events that may arise on customer infrastructure. Utilizing these tools, will enable us to effectively mitigate security incidents as they arise.

Security is a dynamic topology. At Avent Cloud our security policy is continously reviewed, calibrated and advanced to counter new threats.
We are vigilant on reducing surface areas for attack through local host based intrustion detection monitoring, and network anomoly alerts.